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NYC’s Annual Village Halloween Parade

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Your Guide to NYC’s Spirited Imaginations

The fun of donning alter-egos; the anticipation of marching — and watching — the parade in otherworldly garb; the lookout for the best-costumed participants; the riotous glee that could enliven the dead, and the buoyancy immersing all in a metaverse-of-sorts beyond definition.

You are invited to revel in creatively-charged ways that ward off unwanted spirits. Infectiously entertaining, wildly innovative, good-humoredly irreverent, it is where the macabre meets — and is overpowered by! — the magical. Here are those often-asked questions answered, for you to dance and cast your energizing spells into the celebrations!

What is the schedule for 2022?

The Parade will take place on Monday, October 31, 2022, beginning at 7pm, and running for 2-3 hours.

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The Parade’s official website details updates, attractions and other entertaining events.

What is the route of the Parade?

The Halloween Parade runs up Sixth Ave from Canal St to 15th St in Manhattan. For more information, visit

How do I get there?

An easy way is to take any of the MTA Subway Lines that lead to the many stations near the parade’s Sixth Avenue route. These include A, C, E, 6, J, N, Q, R, Z lines with stops from Canal Street Station at the parade’s southernmost origin to Union Square Station at its northernmost destination.

Are tickets needed?

According to the Parade’s website, “The NYC Village Halloween Parade is FREE for all to view from the sidelines or join in a costume. No ticket required.”

However, to support the work and get some special privileges, Parade sponsors encourage the purchase of tickets and help keep the NYC Village Halloween Parade going!

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Can I march without a costume?

ONLY those in costume and MASKS are welcome to join in the march. There is no fee to register. Just show up.

Can I volunteer?

Absolutely! Volunteers are always needed to either (a) animate a puppet; or (b) help with production, crowd control, and procession by being a parade Marshal. Apply Here 

Where can I find costume shops in NYC?

TimeOut Magazine provides a list of some of the best places around the city, including the following near the parade route:

Abracadabra Superstore

19 W 21st St (between Fifth and Sixth Aves)

Screaming Mimi’s 

240 W 14th St (between Seventh and Eighth Aves)

Village Party Store 

13 E 8th St (between Fifth Ave and University Pl)

How did the Parade begin?

While the observance of Halloween dates back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain thousands of years ago, the United States would only begin its gradual celebrations across cities and states with the arrival of the Irish in the 1840s. Article

Here In NYC, the Village Halloween Parade began in 1974. The Village Preservation Blog gives a charming account of its early days: “Ralph Lee, who also happens to be an Obie-winning puppet and mask maker, staged a wandering neighborhood puppet show in the complex’s courtyard. The event was repeated annually, with Lee as its director for several years. Today, the annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade attracts over 2 million visitors annually!”

Is there a coffee table book showcasing the Village Parade’s best costumes?

One that comes to mind is Masked Culture : the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade / Text by Jack Kugelmass ; Photography by Mariette Pathy Allen. Link

Its synopsis reads: “A look into the history, spirit, and controversy that accompanies the annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade in New York City discusses the elaborate costume artistry, the carefully orchestrated performances, its wide-ranging themes, and more.”

After the parade, come back and explore this incredible neighborhood during the daytime on our Greenwich Village Food Tour.

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