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Alex leaning againt a railing on a ship

Alex Drywa

Being a third-generation New Yorker, you would think Alex knew enough about NYC.

WRONG! After traveling and living abroad in Europe and Australia for four years, he came back to New York City on a mission to learn everything about the history and culture he always took for granted. He had so much fun showing visiting friends from across the globe around the city that he decided to become a licensed guide and share his knowledge with a broader audience on the best walking tour of New York. ​

Within minutes of meeting Alex, you will feel like you have known him forever — that’s how comfortable he makes people who take walking food tours with him. He also loves finding the best craft beer bars and whiskey flights in New York, then passing that knowledge along to his guests. So whether you need a great NYC bar or fabulous Manhattan restaurant, this is the guy to ask.

Annabel Alfariz

Annabel Alafriz

Don’t let her demure stature fool you. Annabel is a giant ball of energy with an even bigger wealth of knowledge. She often thinks of what Alice might observe, had Lewis Carroll brought her adventures into NYC’s engineered Wonderland. Engaging fellow travelers in a joyful exploration of the city’s surprises, her conversations touch on myriad discoveries, overlooked milestones, and unsung pioneers, all the while pointing out NYC’s best, often hidden, culinary delights. She is still pursuing her lifelong interest in mapping information and visualizing data and remains involved in creative projects on educational game design.

Nancy holding two ice cream sandwiches at Holey Cream

Nancy Paris

Nancy had been happily acting as a city ambassador to friends and family visiting New York — particularly Broadway — for years before following her sister’s advice to actually “go pro” and become a licensed NYC tour guide. She enjoys the personal interaction of a walking tour with a small group and especially loves sharing the stories behind New York’s famous landmarks and attractions. Nancy is also a professional dancer and choreographer and will pirouette down the sidewalk for you if you ask nicely. If your focus is dance and/or theatre, be sure to request Nancy by name as your tour guide.

Jennifer Andres

Jennifer Andres

Jenn has been living in NYC for 11 years and is also a singer/dancer/actor. She first got interested in becoming a tour guide after working in the new One World Observatory. Armed with the knowledge learned from working there and her further explorations of NYC, she decided to take the test to become a tour guide and then became a walking tour guide. It is her favorite job outside of the theater. Her love of history and NYC is what drives her to continue learning new information. Her favorite parts of the city are Greenwich Village and Historic Downtown, both of which are steeped in history and fascinating stories.

Emily Hoff black and white image

Emily Hoff

Emily Hoff is a science writer and historian who has called NYC home for the past seven years. When she’s not touting the good, the bad, and the wonderful chaos of her enthusiastically adopted home, you can find her writing exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History, cavorting with the sharks and rays at the NY Aquarium, or frantically typing away on her laptop. Her first book, Scenic Science of the National Parks, was recently published by Penguin Random House in March 2020. Emily is here to answer all the hard-hitting questions like why is there so much garbage (we need it for island-building purposes) and are those pigeons actually dinosaurs (oh yeah!). Let’s take a tour!

Kivin Sinclair standing in front of water with the NYC skyline in the background

Kevin Sinclair

Kevin, born and raised in Brooklyn, was a high school history teacher throughout the 1990s. In 1999, he decided on a career change and became a New York City police officer. While a police officer, Kevin has volunteered his time showing off the city he loves to visiting first responders and military personnel. Upon retirement and at the urging of friends and family, he decided to become a licensed tour guide. Kevin has a fantastic ability to convey his experiences regarding growing up in New York City as well as sharing his personal stories as a school teacher and in particular, a member of the NYPD.

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