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Alex leaning againt a railing on a ship

Alex Drywa

Being a third-generation New Yorker, you would think Alex knew enough about NYC.

WRONG! After traveling and living abroad in Europe and Australia for four years, he came back to New York City on a mission to learn everything about the history and culture he always took for granted. He had so much fun showing visiting friends from across the globe around the city that he decided to become a licensed guide and share his knowledge with a broader audience on the best walking tour of New York. ​

Within minutes of meeting Alex, you will feel like you have known him forever — that’s how comfortable he makes people who take walking food tours with him. He also loves finding the best craft beer bars and whiskey flights in New York, then passing that knowledge along to his guests. So whether you need a great NYC bar or fabulous Manhattan restaurant, this is the guy to ask.

Annabel Alfariz

Annabel Alafriz

Don’t let her demure stature fool you. Annabel is a giant ball of energy with an even bigger wealth of knowledge. She often thinks of what Alice might observe, had Lewis Carroll brought her adventures into NYC’s engineered Wonderland. Engaging fellow travelers in a joyful exploration of the city’s surprises, her conversations touch on myriad discoveries, overlooked milestones, and unsung pioneers, all the while pointing out NYC’s best, often hidden, culinary delights. She is still pursuing her lifelong interest in mapping information and visualizing data and remains involved in creative projects on educational game design.

Claire Buckingham

Claire moved to New York over seventeen years ago, and is never leaving. She is proud of her adopted city, and is passionate about showing visitors all the reasons to love it as much as she does. Mainly through snark and humor. As an actor and comic, her focus is the human stories that really bring history to life. People are funny, and they always have been (even the big fancy historical ones)!
Some of her all time favorite restaurants (some are bars) are -Caracas (East Village), Loring Place (Greenwich Village), Alma (Brooklyn), Mamoun’s (East Village), Chavella’s (Brooklyn), Weather Up (Brooklyn & Tribeca), DSK (Brooklyn), Barrio Chino (LES)

Jake Wallace

Whether it be the rom-coms he grew up watching, his love of the Percy Jackson series, or his passion for theater, Jake always knew he would one day call NYC home. Throughout his childhood, he spent many days planning dream trips to New York and discovering all the secrets the city had to offer. After graduating with a degree in theater performance, Jake finally made his way to the city! While working at Schmackary’s Cookies, fate walked in the door in the form of Manhattan Walking Tour. After several chats with the guides, he knew being a tour guide was the job for him! Jake‘s favorite part of being a tour guide is finding ways to connect the stories of the past to our modern way of life; to put guests into the shoes of New Yorkers’ past and help them discover new things about this incredible place that has shaped so much of our history. When he’s not doing tours, you can usually find him officiating weddings, grabbing a bagel at Brooklyn Bagel, or seeing a show!
Cale Rausch profile photo

Cale Rausch

Cale is a small town Iowa kid, who moved to New York in 2021 to chase his Broadway dream. He has always been fascinated by New York City and brings that same excitement into every tour. As an actor, he is passionate about sharing stories, meeting new people, and creating a fun, and lighthearted environment. In his spare time, you can find Cale at a number of shows, hanging out with friends, and playing with his dog, Ruby.

Jonathan Hadden profile photo

Jonathan Hadden

Jonathan is not just your average tour guide; he’s a vibrant storyteller, a proud New Yorker, and a seasoned professional with a colorful past. Having retired from the fast-paced world of Fin-Tech as a CSPO (Certified Scrum Product Owner) and M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) Consultant, he now channels his passion into showcasing the vibrant tapestry of his beloved city. Born in the Village and raised in the Bronx, Jonathan’s roots run deep in the Big Apple. His family has lived in the same community since 1927, contributing to the rich history that defines New York City.

With a knack for narrative, Jonathan’s storytelling transports his guests through time and space, painting vivid pictures of the city’s past and present. His tours are not just informative but immersive experiences that leave visitors captivated and inspired. But Jonathan’s love for his city extends beyond its historical landmarks and cultural gems. In his retirement, he has embarked on a personal mission-to soak in as much live music as possible. Whether it’s jazz in Harlem, indie rock in Brooklyn, or classical performances at Lincoln Center, Jonathan can be found savoring the sounds of New York’s dynamic music scene.

With Jonathan as your guide, you’re not just exploring the streets of New York; you’re embarking on a journey through its soul, guided by someone who knows and loves every corner of this magnificent metropolis. Get ready to see the city through his eyes and experience the magic of New York like never before.

David Turk profile photo

David Turk

David Turk is more than just a tour guide; he’s a seasoned entrepreneur and leader in the bustling culinary scene of New York City. Before joining the Manhattan Walking Tour team, his long and winding road in the hospitality industry earned him plenty of honors, including being named Best Dinner Caterer in New York Magazine and a highest rated caterer in the Zagat Guide NYC. His visionary leadership that celebrates equity in the workplace has earned many accolades, too.

He teaches Restaurant Management at the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC and speaks around the country on customer service and the business of catering.

He has served on the Board of Directors of the NYS Restaurant Association, the Stuyvesant Park Neighborhood Assoication, the Fathering Forum, as well as producing programs that benefit God’s Love We Deliver.

He calls New York City home, savoring the vibrant culture and endless opportunities that the city has to offer. His wealth of experience and passion for sharing the best of New York City promise an unforgettable journey for every visitor.


Nicky Shapiro profile photo

Nicky Shapiro

Nicky Shapiro is a writer and longtime East Village resident with generations of family history in Lower Manhattan. After a lifetime spent living amongst city legend and lore, he served as a public school teacher in Harlem, backpacked around the world for a year, and became an officially licensed New York City tour guide after realizing the power of great local guides through his travels. His endless curiosity for all things New York keeps him up to date with the city’s hottest restaurants, bars, and culture, and his boundless passion for history (which he studied at UC Berkeley) connects him with the city’s deep roots. Despite all his travels, no place inspires him more than New York, and he is honored to share the city’s past and present with visitors through engaging storytelling, meaningful conversation, and side-splitting anecdotes on each and every tour.

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