Let Us Create the Perfect NYC Tour for You

At Manhattan Walking Tour, we’re excited to offer a unique and thrilling way to explore the vibrant streets of the Big Apple. Our self-guided scavenger hunts are designed to provide an engaging and interactive experience for both locals and visitors alike. Get ready to embark on an adventure that combines sightseeing, problem-solving, and teamwork as you uncover hidden gems and fascinating stories scattered throughout the city. Take your time, or try to race against the clock to get the new best time!

Each scavenger hunt will be self-guided, meaning you can participate at your own pace and on your own schedule. Simply book your adventure, receive the necessary materials and instructions via email, and set off on a memorable quest through the streets of New York City. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned New Yorker, our scavenger hunts provide a fresh and exciting way to experience the city you love.

Our flagship scavenger hunt takes place in iconic Central Park. Discover the park’s enchanting landscapes, famous landmarks, and lesser-known Fairy Tale treasures as you tackle a series of clues and challenges. Whether you’re a family looking for a fun outing, a company looking for a team building excursion, a group of friends seeking an exciting activity, or even a solo adventurer craving a new experience, our Central Park scavenger hunt is the perfect choice.

Each “team” costs $50, and can have up to 4 members.


Each team captain receives the adventure instructions and unique play links for all players. Team captains then forward this email & SMS to the other team members.

Head to the start location and click play to start your adventure. It's quick and easy with no downloads required.

Have fun as you solve clues and discover the best parts of Manhattan

But that’s not all! We’re thrilled to announce that we have more thrilling scavenger hunts coming soon. Explore the bustling streets of Lower Manhattan, where Revolutionary history meets modernity. Immerse yourself in the energy and diversity of Chinatown, where ancient traditions and vibrant culture intertwine. Wander along the vibrant 5th Avenue, home to architectural marvels hidden Mythological influences. And don’t forget to stroll along the innovative urban oasis, the High Line, where elevated greenery offers stunning views and artistic surprises.

So, gather your friends, pack your curiosity, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through New York City. Book our Central Park scavenger hunt now and stay tuned for the launch of our upcoming adventures in Lower Manhattan, the High Line, 5th Avenue, and Chinatown. Get ready to explore, discover, and have a blast along the way!

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